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This Filipino Entrepreneur Quit Her Job To Turn Her Passion Into Business

Jean Raynell Bello, the owner & creator of Lifeward Jewelry Design, is known for her competency in the Chemical Engineering industry in the Philippines. But after she reconnected with her childhood hobby, it led her to a new beginning with her jewelry business.

After showing some of her finished work to close friends and family, she received inspiring feedback, which made her want to turn it into something bigger. She realized she wants to make herself known. She then began conceptualizing how to keep doing what she loved ever since she was a child and hopefully earning money from it. It’s passion turned business!

One has to be ready to plant the seeds, weather the storms, harvest the results, and allow fallow time to rest. Stay ambitious despite any challenges and always keep your passions burning. Do what you want to do, and do it well.

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