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This Singaporean Helps Connect Humans With Nature Through Her Aromatherapy Business

Denise Lim and her fiancé were struggling in finding a good nebulizing diffusers for her home. There are a number of nebulizing diffusers in the common online marketplaces, however, the quality of those devices is disappointing. She and her husband created a solution for this and this is where their Flo Aroma journey started. They believe that aromatherapy should not only be about using the purest essential oils but also the devices we adopt to use the oils should matter just as much as well so we can get what we intended for – the best for our wellbeing through the use of aromatherapy.

They hope to integrate quality aromatherapy into an everyday life item for everyone be it for scenting of space or for its benefits.

"Always do what’s right and not what’s easy. Good things can take time – be it taking time to find or to develop. It’s worth to always do what’s right, it will always bring you further and better."
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