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This Thai Entrepreneur Is Preserving Traditional Handicraft And Helping Local Village Artisans

The childhood experience that she had in Prachinburi Province makes her appreciate the Thai handicrafts and the work of the villagers. Preeyaporn Wongsirimana, the co-founder of Paya Shop, turns it as her motivation in starting her own business and now supporting the villagers all over Thailand while promoting and preserving the Thai culture and handicrafts.

Every region, they have their own ideology and how they think. How they live, their lifestyle, and the food they eat. To know more about what villagers used to survive makes her very interested. Knowing the Thai roots motivates her to continue her work.

Take it slow. Work with what you have. Do not over-invest. Use the profit from the business to reinvest in the business itself. Then expand the business from the profit itself. Do not take big loans that will run you down.

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